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Luis Palau recorded his first radio program as a teenager growing up in Argentina. Today he can be heard daily by millions of people on 3,000 radio outlets in 48 countries in both English and Spanish.

* Cruzada con Luis Palau This 15-minute program is Luis’ in-depth Bible teaching for the Spanish-speaking world. (On air since 1962.) People depend on it – pastors even – for daily spiritual encouragement.
* Responde Luis’ five-minute program in Spanish is clearly evangelistic. It answers hard-hitting everyday questions like: Does God really exist? Why is there evil in the world? How do I find forgiveness? Who is Jesus Christ?
* Reaching Your World Luis’ daily one-minute, and Andrew’s Friday two-minute, English feature equips individuals like you to effectively share your faith. The program answers questions like: How do you start conversations about Christ? How do you talk to an atheist? How do you witness to your children?

For his persistence in sharing the Good News worldwide on radio, the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) presented Luis with its Milestone Achievement Award in 2002.

In 2006 The Palau Association produced the nationally syndicated radio special Livin It: Unusual Suspects, which aired on 10,744 stations across the country.

In 2008 Luis Palau was presented with the National Religious Broadcasters William Ward Ayer Distinguished Service Award for his excellence, integrity and outstanding and significant contribution to the field of Christian communications. Luis also spoke in many venues that were broadcast, including the “Hour of Power” in the Crystal Cathedral that was broadcast to a worldwide audience.

In 2009 Andrew Palau joined Luis Palau on his radio feature, Reaching Your World with Luis Palau. Andrew’s two-minute messages are broadcast on 855 radio outlets every Friday.


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